Fixing a Water Gap

Fixing a Water Gap

Fixing fence is no fun job. It has to be done to keep the cattle on your land or keep them from getting on the road. My husband had worked on this water gap a lot just a few months ago but we’ve had quite a lot of rain for this time of year. We run steers (79 to be exact) on this pasture and they can be pesky little burgers to keep in. They are constantly walking along the fence. Besides… to them the grass is always greener on the other side.

We had a nice neighbor stop yesterday and tell us one of the steers was out. This was definitely not a place we wanted them out because it was along a busy blacktop road. My husband and son were gone stacking hay bales so my parents came over and we went to work. Okay, my dad fixed the fence and mom and I handed him the supplies and took pictures…

The steers patiently waited. I wonder what they were thinking… They are always right up in your business.

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